Frequently Asked Questions

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What if the leave replacement resource does not fulfil the conditions required by the job?

We at GOHLS will ensure that the profile of the leave replacement resource suits the project. If by any chance it does not click, we will arrange for another replacement within a reasonable time.

Do the terms and conditions (payment wise) that applied to the resource that went on leave still be valid for the replacement?

Yes, the payment provided to your original resource will apply to the alternate. This should however be specified in the contract between the two parties. The Leave Replacement is obligated to fulfil all the contractual obligations.

How quickly can the replacement be deployed?

Leave Replacements are provided immediately if you have informed us well in advance. For emergency situations, we will do our best to provide you with the best alternative.

What is the procedure for Leave Replacement?

With a high value project, please contact us in advance to have a backup for any possible gap in your resources. Critical projects can be completed in time when you are well prepared for anything that can go wrong. Leave replacement is one of them.

Is there a way I can continue to work at the same office every time I visit the country?

Yes. As long as advance intimation is given to the office and the terms and conditions are met, vacation jobs can be worked out regularly at the same location.

Can I try out a new genre or does it have to be related to my current job?

That is the beauty of it. You can look into any field you wish to experiment with.

Do I have to intimate my current job about the vacation job? Am I violating any contract?

From our point of view, you are not violating any contract as it is only part-time. However it would be prudent to contact your HR on the same.

How do I get placed in remote locations?

Please contact us as you book your tickets for your vacation. We will intimate you on any project based on your preferences with respect to time spent on the job and speciality.

What is the process if the work done by the employee is less than satisfactory? Can he be replaced immediately?

All matters relating to the quality of work will be the responsibility of the company that engages the loanee. If found unsatisfactory, he/she can be released back into the pool and another one found if available.

When there is an issue with the work processed by the employee signed up, who is responsible?

All matters relating to quality of work will be the responsibility of the company that engages the loanee.

Is there a maximum time limit on bench loaning? ( a period beyond which an employee cannot be booked? )

The maximum and minimum time limit are determined by the employer who loans out his/her Bench.

How soon can the employee be available?

Since the location details as well as the time period for which a resource is available as well as the skillset is clearly mentioned, these resources can be made available immediately as they are verified employees.

How is the data on the availability of talent shared so that we can decide what will suit our requirement?

GOHLS is a closed network of partner members. Each member gets a login which will lead on to a dashboard wherein he/she can avail whatever service they would need, in this case fill out the details in a predetermined format so as to expose the skillset of the employees they would like to loan out.

How can money be saved on bench loaning?

When you Loan your Bench, the people loaned out are not on your payroll for the stipulated period of time. So, for this period, your revenue will be spread across only billable employees. Additionally, you will not be paying the salary to the employee during this period but this will be paid out by the firm taking your bench. Both these will reflect substantial savings for you.

What happens if the employee suddenly becomes unavailable.?

GOHLS operates through a closed network. If one is not available suddenly, you can always find a similar skilled employee through the GOHLS platform to complete the assignment.

What are the advantages of bench loaning through GOHLS that I can’t get elsewhere?

GOHLS adopts a process of complete transparency and complete control with the employer putting up his bench - so that there is no confusion or fear of the employee being poached.

Is there a way to request for the same employee for bench loaning?

You can put in a request, however, this can be taken care only when the same employee comes on bench again or can be deployed if he continues to remain on bench. The prerogative lies with his current employer on whether the same employee can be deployed again.

What information is available about the candidate who is being bench-loaned?

The candidate’s skillset, his experience, the duration for which he is available, the country he is working in/belongs to, the countries he is willing to travel to.

Why enrolling with Gohls is beneficial to you?

Gohls has been in the staffing industry for several years and has strived hard to make and maintain dependable partnerships across the globe. While you concentrate on expanding your business around the world, Gohls works as your legal staffing partner, providing optimum solutions for your staffing requirements. Legal issues are often daunting for companies to handle, and this is one of the major reasons for employees as well as employers missing out on great business opportunities. Gohls understands this difficulty and thus, promises to partner with ambitious firms around the world to bridge this gap and create plenty of golden opportunities for employees and employers to grow.

What will I gain from carrying out a secondment?

Secondment is the optimum way to overcome the inability to on-board resources to the desired project locations. Secondment offers a whole package of services to successfully overcome the legal and procedural problems in resource allocation, thus ensuring that you never miss out on any business opportunity coming your way.

How long will a secondment last?

The duration of a secondment is flexible and depends on the project where the seconded employee has been deployed.

We have the right talents, a great human resource management team, and a travel assistance team. What can secondment offer us, that all of these can’t?

Gohls has been in the staffing industry for several years and has strived hard to build and maintain trustworthy partnerships across the globe. While you concentrate on expanding your business around the world, Gohls will take care of everything that your staff would need while moving to different countries on Secondment.

Are there any policies that offer protection to the companies seconding employees?

Industry standard non-compete and non-solicit policies offer protection to the company seconding employees through another company for the purpose of the project.