Here Is Everything We Offer

Gohls is the perfect solution to your HR and staffing hassles. Gohls works as a regional partner to assist your company in processing visa documents and obtaining necessary approvals from specific countries where projects are undertaken. The services include HR, Payroll, logistics, accommodation and everything else that an employee may need during overseas deployment.


Are you ready to take your organisation to the global level?

Gohls seamless secondment services include handling all the legal and financial processes from visa applications to invoicing & payroll, involved in overseas deployment. Focus your energies on growing global partnerships while we take care of your employees’ needs abroad.

Bench Loaning

Are you utilising your resources efficiently?

Gohls Bench Loaning platform empowers you to make your bench billable by sharing your benched resources with trusted companies that are in need of immediate talent. And, IT companies gain access to a vast pool of benched workforce to meet their Just-in-Time hiring requirements.

Leave Replacement

Are you able to service your clients without compromising on your quality?

Leave replacement by Gohls provides promising replacement for employees who take leave for an extended period. It is a contemplative solution to ensure that there is business continuity and consistent client serviceability.

On-holiday Employment

Are you ready to take on short projects with niche requirements?

On Holiday Employment by Gohls is an excellent way to provide a niche opportunity to professionals who are willing to complete a project while they enjoy a holiday at the client location. This platform provides clients with apt professionals looking for an opportunity to break the monotony and use their expertise in a new assignment, at a new location.