bench loaning
Bench Loaning

Bench Loaning

bench loaning services

Search from a huge network of benched resources to meet your requirement of an immediate joinee

bench loaning services

Share benched resources with companies that may need talent immediately

bench loaning services

Save time, money and effort that you  can otherwise spend on building your business

bench loaning services

Bench Loaning provides a comprehensive platform to share/loan resources across IT Industry that are currently on the Bench. IT Companies with Bench resources can upload their details and the Companies with a requirement for an IT resource can get support on Contractual basis with Immediate Joining from our Partner companies.

IT companies are seeking to minimise their loss of time, effort and money through this unique concept of Bench Loaning. This process creates a great window of opportunity for IT giants to share their benched talent with other companies that may have an immediate requirement for such a resource.

bench loaning services

Gohls has a pool of registered IT Companies which may have benched resources, and companies that require benched resources for immediate short-term staffing or contract-based jobs. With Bench-Loaning, Gohls offers an impeccable program that gives the following benefits to its clients -

  • Gain access to an exhaustive Bench list of talented IT resources
  • Meet client requirement of immediate/last-minute hiring
  • Effectively reduce Bench Loss to zero
  • Tremendously increase Resource Utilization
  • Optimise your spendings on recruitment with this cost-effective solution of Bench Loaning

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon can the employee be available?

Since the location details as well as the time period for which a resource is available as well as the skillset is clearly mentioned, these resources can be made available immediately as they are verified employees.

Is there a maximum time limit on bench loaning? ( a period beyond which an employee cannot be booked? )

The maximum and minimum time limit are determined by the employer who loans out his/her Bench.

When there is an issue with the work processed by the employee signed up, who is responsible?

All matters relating to quality of work will be the responsibility of the company that engages the loanee.

What is the process if the work done by the employee is less than satisfactory? Can he be replaced immediately?

All matters relating to the quality of work will be the responsibility of the company that engages the loanee. If found unsatisfactory, he/she can be released back into the pool and another one found if available.

What information is available about the candidate who is being bench-loaned?

The candidate’s skillset, his experience, the duration for which he is available, the country he is working in/belongs to, the countries he is willing to travel to.

Is there a way to request for the same employee for bench loaning?

You can put in a request, however, this can be taken care only when the same employee comes on bench again or can be deployed if he continues to remain on bench. The prerogative lies with his current employer on whether the same employee can be deployed again.

What are the advantages of bench loaning through GOHLS that I can’t get elsewhere?

GOHLS adopts a process of complete transparency and complete control with the employer putting up his bench - so that there is no confusion or fear of the employee being poached.

What happens if the employee suddenly becomes unavailable.?

GOHLS operates through a closed network. If one is not available suddenly, you can always find a similar skilled employee through the GOHLS platform to complete the assignment.

How can money be saved on bench loaning?

When you Loan your Bench, the people loaned out are not on your payroll for the stipulated period of time. So, for this period, your revenue will be spread across only billable employees. Additionally, you will not be paying the salary to the employee during this period but this will be paid out by the firm taking your bench. Both these will reflect substantial savings for you.

How is the data on the availability of talent shared so that we can decide what will suit our requirement?

GOHLS is a closed network of partner members. Each member gets a login which will lead on to a dashboard wherein he/she can avail whatever service they would need, in this case fill out the details in a predetermined format so as to expose the skillset of the employees they would like to loan out.