secondment services


secondment services

Expand your business and extend partnerships with global companies without worrying about legal hassles of resource deployment

secondment services

Nurture your talent by giving them different roles to learn from without any limitations of staffing

secondment services

Save time, money and effort by outsourcing legal and financial processes involved during Secondment

secondment services

There are several projects that are constantly being undertaken in different parts of the globe and require the deployment of skilled professionals to complete assigned tasks on time. It may not be possible to deploy suitable employees identified for the project due to visa regulations or other limitations. In such cases, these employees are seconded to a different organisation who will deploy them on your behalf through a co-employment contract that is a qualified legal arrangement till the project is complete. Once they complete their assignment, they return to their original company, role and geography and continue their service. 

secondment services

Secondment, also known as PEO Outsourcing (professional employer organization) is a process where Gohls helps a company place its employee in a different country or location where the company may not have its presence or cannot directly deploy its employees. Secondment has a broad range of services including visa processing, relocation logistics, HR / Payroll processing, amongst others to choose from. The company can choose one or more Secondment services depending on its need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any policies that offer protection to the companies seconding employees?

Industry standard non-compete and non-solicit policies offer protection to the company seconding employees through another company for the purpose of the project.

We have the right talents, a great human resource management team, and a travel assistance team. What can secondment offer us, that all of these can’t?

Gohls has been in the staffing industry for several years and has strived hard to build and maintain trustworthy partnerships across the globe. While you concentrate on expanding your business around the world, Gohls will take care of everything that your staff would need while moving to different countries on Secondment.

How long will a secondment last?

The duration of a secondment is flexible and depends on the project where the seconded employee has been deployed.

What will I gain from carrying out a secondment?

Secondment is the optimum way to overcome the inability to on-board resources to the desired project locations. Secondment offers a whole package of services to successfully overcome the legal and procedural problems in resource allocation, thus ensuring that you never miss out on any business opportunity coming your way.

Why enrolling with Gohls is beneficial to you?

Gohls has been in the staffing industry for several years and has strived hard to make and maintain dependable partnerships across the globe. While you concentrate on expanding your business around the world, Gohls works as your legal staffing partner, providing optimum solutions for your staffing requirements. Legal issues are often daunting for companies to handle, and this is one of the major reasons for employees as well as employers missing out on great business opportunities. Gohls understands this difficulty and thus, promises to partner with ambitious firms around the world to bridge this gap and create plenty of golden opportunities for employees and employers to grow.